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Unihealth Corporate Care (UCC)

Image by Marek Levák
Unihealth Corporate Care (UCC)

When it comes to health, 24/7 is a must amongst many other things. Unihealth Corporate Care (UCC) provides beyond that. ​

Among the leading preferred healthcare medical provider in SMEs, F&Bs, marine, manufacturing and construction sectors . 

  1. Work Permit Check Up 

  2. Customised Health Screenings 

  3. 24 /7 Urgent care (Work Injury / Minor Surgeries / Acute Medical Consult) 

  4. Hybrid (On-site & In- clinic) COVID-19 Swabs 

  5. Hybrid ( On-site & In- clinic) Vaccination Drives

For all corporate matters, email to

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