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Pneumococcal Vaccine

Kid Getting Vaccinated
What is the Pneumococcal Vaccine?

The Pneumococcal Vaccine helps prevent infections caused by the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, which may cause pneumonia as well as infections of the ear, brain and blood.

There are 2 types of Pneumococcal Vaccines:

  1. Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV13) protects against 13 strains

  2. Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine (PPSV23) protects against 23 strains


For eligible individuals, PCV13 should be given first, followed by PPSV23 1 year later (minimum interval of 8 weeks) for better response. Our doctors will advise on the type and schedule of the vaccines. Refer to your immunisation record here.

Who should take it?

Persons aged 65 years and above should be given one dose of PCV13 followed by one dose of PPSV23.

Others who benefit from the Pneumococcal vaccine include:

  1. Persons aged 18 years and older with chronic illnesses, such as chronic lung, heart, kidney or liver diseases and diabetes mellitus

  2. Persons who are immunocompromised

  3. Persons with cochlear implants, cerebrospinal fluid leaks or abnormal spleen function

Pneumococcal vaccine side effects

Side effects may include pain or swelling over the injection site, as well as fever, headache, bodyache or tiredness.


These usually go away on their own within 2-3 days. Paracetamol can help to relieve the fever or pain.


Symptoms of severe allergic reaction may include difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face/ eyes/ lips as well as generalised skin rashes. You should see a doctor immediately when experiencing any of these symptoms.

What is the cost of the Pneumococcal Vaccine?

Please check your eligibility in subsidy here. Fees include consultation charges and we will advise on the total cost before proceeding with the vaccination.

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